How to Fix AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 Google Wallet stuck in Activating Device problem

If you have your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 installed with custom ROMs and somehow you need to install back the Google Wallet on it and just stuck on"Activating Device". Well, here's the solution that may help your problem and install back the Google Wallet on your Galaxy S3 in no time.

This solution was build ogdobber that fix issues about google wallet after installing any custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S3. This already proven works on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-T999, but not yet on Verizon SCH-I535. All you have to do is just give it a try.

This Mod is for touchwiz roms only! Google wallet already works on CM9 and should work on any AOSP (i.e. AOKP) rom using the CM9 libs.
Ok, first a little background:

Basically what you are seeing if you try to install google wallet on
AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, is you get stuck on "activating device"

If you dig a little further and ran a logcat, you will see that there it no "SMX detected"

What this means, when compiling the rom you need to enable SmartMX in
the config headers located in the external/libnfc-nxp library. (thats
why it works on CM9, they do this)

This is impossible for us because there is no source for Samsung's touch
wiz. We got a break on the international sgs3 as the latest update has
the secure element does the sprint sgs3

Well that got me thinking, and of course sprints nfc libs are close enough to work without breaking anything.

so this is how to do it. (btw, you need root)

1-make a nandroid! I am not responsible if you mess up your device

2-edit you build.prop using root explorer (when you press save, it creates a build.prop.bak)

do not use ES explorer, it does not save correctly, for that matter ONLY use root explorer! (or adb push/pull)

3-boot to recovery and

flash the

4-reboot device, you will get "android is updating" (only this first boot)

5-open google wallet and sign in

6-add google prepaid card and get free $10

7-(optional)if you get "error adding card try again later", wipe cache and davlik cache from recovery


9-after it is all up and running, mount r/w in root explorer, delete the
modded build.prop, then rename build.prop.bak to build.prop

10-make a nandroid and put it in a safe place in case you ever accidentally install a new ROM without resetting google wallet data.

>thanks to FreydNot for for the above tip and for being brave enough to be the first to flash this to his tmobile sgs3

>Special thanks to Hammermann, he did a ton of nandroids! He confirmed for me that the sprint nfc libs worked

>thanks to chris.ayoubtexas, the first att user with success (beat out Hammerman because ES explorer was screwing him)

>thanks to Paul at Modoco for the modded google wallet apk

note* if you have used google wallet on another device, your prepaid
card on the sgs3 is not the balances will not carry over
really the key is the libs with the security element enabled (google wallet app)...

then the build.prop for the card (supported devices)

original build.prop values for at&t

original build.prop values for verizon


Grab the from XDA-Developer original thread

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