Fix HTC One X Stuck on HTC Screen Logo and Bootloop after Flash of ROM

Here' a simple solution to resolve issues on your HTC One X if it just stuck in HTC logo or bootloop after flashing a ROM. HTC One X stuck on bootscreen occurred if your device has an "HBOOT" version that that sometimes doesn't like accepting a new boot.img from a certain ROM build. Like for example if you have made changes or switched from "SENSE" to "AOSP" based ROM, then you'll probably asking why the heck it just stuck on HTC logo or having Boot loop issues.

Needed Toolkit and File
- First you must download the Android SDK Tool from here, grab the right one according to your Computer or laptop platform i.e Windows, Mac and Linux.
- Flash the latest ClockWorkMod recovery so that you can recharge the phone via recovery while the device is off.

Fix Stuck on HTC Logo 

The device just being stuck at HT Logo and unable to start in normal is the most common issues after flashing a ROM. To resolved this problem, you may first try to clearing the "fastboot cache" and then force the device  to reboot in fastboot mode. 
To do this follow this simple steps:
  • First, Power Down the phone and reboot into bootloader mode by holding down the "Volume Down" and the "Power button".     
  • Use the volume buttons to navigate and choose " fastboot "and confirm the selection using with the power button.
  • Connect your  HTC One X to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
  • 4. In your computer, Run the command prompt by pressing "windows key + r" and typing "cmd". Go to the folder containing the fastboot. (E.i if fastboot is in the folder C: \ android type "cd \ Android).
cd \ Android)

  • Type the following command: " fastboot erase cache ".

fastboot erase cache

  • Choose reboot in fastboot menu and press the power button.

  • If the above steps doesn't give the desired results, there is another solution using this all in one kit. All you need to do is start the fastboot and reflash the kernel.

Fix Boot Loop Problem

If you have experience bootloop after flashing a ROM like for example CM10.1 or any ROM that you have previously flashed before the bootloop occurred.

  • Download the SDK tool if you haven't installed it yet.
  • You'll need to download the .zip file of the ROM onto your computer, then extract or "unzip" it using any extracting tool you have in in your computer like Winrar, Winzip or 7zip.
  • After the .zip file extracted, now find the file named "boot.img" then put it somewhere in your computer.

Run the command prompt in your computer

  • Windows: press "windows key + r" and typing "cmd". Go to the folder containing the fastboot. (E.i if fastboot is in the folder C: \ android type "cd \ Android).
  • Mac/Linux: Make sure you’ve got the boot.img in your home directory before running the Command Prompt or Terminal (Mac/Linux). Navigate to your /android-sdk/platform-tools/ folder in terminal using the “cd” command. So if the androidsdk is in your home folder you’d want to type: cd ~/androidsdk/platform-tools. 
  •  Power Down the HTC One X completely. Hold down the power button and the volume down button. 
  • Plug the device into your computer.  Then go to the bootloader mode. You will then see a “FASTBOOT USB”, as shown below.                                     
  • Now it’s time to flash the boot.img. Type the following:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

The reboot:
adb reboot

./fastboot flash boot /path/to/boot.img (~/boot.img if the file is in your home directory)

Then reboot the device by typing the following command:
./fastboot reboot

Wait until the device completely reboot and past the HTC bootscreen.

More Solutions

Some further solution are as follows below, this is guides were quoted from Setsuna666 via XDA-original thread. This  might also resolves issues depends how your device status right now.

Cannot access the menu or fastboot RUU because the battery is low:

You should have the ClockworkMod so that you can easily connect your HTC device via the USB cable to your computer while you are in recovery and this will re-charge automatically.

The bootloader Re-Locked:

You can use the unlock code you received by email from htc again and follow the procedure of the mouth of the bootloader.

If you have a stock recovery:

Download a custom recovery such as ClockworkMod from the link above.
Perform the flash recovery that you find in the guide.
Now you can flash a new ROM.

If you have a ROM or Nandroid Backup inside the 'sdcard (internal memory)
  • Restart your device in recovery mode . In case you are still in fastboot choose the option " Reboot Bootloader "and then enter into recovery.
  • Restore the nandroid backup made ​​using the " backup and restore "or flash the rom using the" install zip from sd card . "
  • Choose the option " reboot system now "and restart your smartphone into bootloader mode.
  • Enter the fastboot moving around with the volume keys.
  • Connect the device via the USB cable to the computer.
  • From a command prompt, navigate to the folder containing the fastboot and type the following command: " fastboot clean cache ".
  • If nothing works from the above procedures,  we are going to show you is the last chance you have to return back your HTC One X to normal.

Warning! This procedure will erase all your data, including potentially the partition / sdcard. Make sure you have more than 30% of the battery charge to run a RUU (Recovery Update utility).

  • Turn off the phone and reboot into bootloader mode by holding down the volume keys and the power button down.
  • Using the power buttons to choose " fastboot "and confirm the selection with the power button.
  • Connect the 'HTC One to your computer via USB cable.
  • Open the command prompt by pressing "windows key + r" and typing "cmd".
  • Go to the folder containing the fastboot.
  • (Eg if fastboot is in the folder C: \ android type "cd \ Android).
  • Then enter the following command: " fastboot getvar version-main . "
  • To find the RUU corresponding to your version. Start looking for it via xda.
  • Run the ReLock bootloader using " fastboot oem lock "from the command prompt.
  • Clean the cache with the command " fastboot erase cache ".
  • While you're in fastboot, computer actually run the RUU that you previously downloaded. This step will rewrite the following folders stock: / recovery, / boot and / system. E 'need to start from the beginning to unlock it.

That's it if you have something to add, your suggestion are most welcome.


  1. thanx man, you are the best, great work, keep going!

  2. all in one kit worked for me, and thanx to you, cause i'v spend many time without any sollution until i found your tuto!!! THANX, i own you my phone's life :)

  3. Hello Neil

    I installed custom ROM from that link
    I followed all the steps. Now when I start my mobile it show htc logo then custom rom X type logo and then stop. It did not move from there. I did not make any backup. What should I do now? I am really worry. Please help.