Download and Install CyanogenMod CM10.1 Official Nightly Build for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Hercules SGH-T989

Just a heads-up for those who now runs with CyanogenMod 10 on their T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 aka "Hercules".  The official update CM10.1  is now also available for T-Mobile's S2 Hercules, it's only day ahead after the released on AT&T’s Galaxy S II Skyrocket.

The CM10.1 Nightlies  is now also available for AT&T and T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note variants, since the
CyanogenMod team are already been working hard for the last few months to make these releases possible and right on time.

CyanogenMod 10.1 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 T989

CM10.1 Known Issues

  • Whole-device encryption is not supported at this time
  • WIFI hotspot does not work
  • Camcorder preview is low resolution/wonky
  • (AT&T only) "Use only 2G networks" option in Settings does not work
  • (AT&T only) Changing "Preferred network mode" in Settings does not work
  • Contacts on SIM card are not accessible
  • Changing call forwarding from this ROM is broken
  • MTP mode does not work on Linux or Mac - stick with USB mass storage for now

CM10.1 Fixes

  • Fix: brightness slider did not take affect until lock/unlock of device
  • Fix: CPU spends most of time at 1512 and 384 && battery life is short (credit: cyanogen, who tuned the powerHAL)

You can directly download the CM10.1 Nightly build from here ->

T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Hercules CM10.1

For any detailed info, you may also join the discussion thread at XDA-Developers.
For Instructions on how to install, read at

credits to [mikeyman77] and thanks to [bmakk2055] for the screenshoots.

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